Monday, November 24, 2008

Street Art is Dead! Long Live Street Art!

Is Street Art dead? Is it too early to mourn? Too late to cry? Peep the commentary from High Snobiety below.

The good folks at SuperTouch weren’t too far off when they mentioned the lack of dynamism over at ArtNews. It is, for lack of better phrasing, the old guard of contemporary art. However, and perhaps for the best (worst?), they’ve come around to the Street Art Movement. “Street Art Gets Hot!” reads November’s cover. Yes, we already knew that. Yes, the proclimation from this publication is like a nail in the coffin of hip and cool.

Negativity aside, the keynote article by Caroline Miranda, A Two Way Street, properly and succenctly presents the core issues surrounding Street Art and its progression within the mainstream art world. For those interested in the constant debates over definition and the arguments over mass market presentation of artists like Swoon, Miranda’s essay is a worthy read. And, surely, like us you’ll see some merit in a piece that is not without fault. (And, there are no excuses to miss it, it’s free online).

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