Saturday, November 22, 2008

Graffiti Activists Target São Paulo Biennial

From ArtInfo

SÃO PAULO—Officials at the São Paulo Biennial have stepped up security measures and added metal detectors after a group of graffiti activists vandalized an exhibition, reports Artforum via O Globo. The activists targeted the walls of the empty first floor of the Ciccillo Matarazzo pavilion in Ibirapuera Park, where no artworks were on display, and wrote slogans such as "the empty biennial," "under dictatorship," and "this is art."

The responsible group, known as the “Pichadores,” are renowned in São Paulo for attacking cultural institutions including the academy of fine arts and for leaving their tags across the city. The 40 vandals involved struggled with the guards on duty, but most of them escaped, some by breaking a window in the pavilion. Only two were arrested.

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Chloé said...

My name is Chloé Cavagna and I’m a French journalist working for a new TV show called “Global resistance” about the new form of activism and subculture in general. It’s a 70 minutes show aired on the French public channel called France 4.

I’m really interested by the militant activist movements in Europe and all over the world. For this TV show, we are actually searching for groups which are really implicated in activism and use comedy, provocation, art (…) as means of expression that we could follow on a report. We are planning to come to Brazil in February.

Do you know other collectives that may correspond to my search? We’re searching for groups as anti-consumption, anti-pollution, “against the system” groups. We’ve already filmed guerrilla gardeners in London (Richard Reynolds), the Rebel Clown Army of Amsterdam, anti-nuclear militants in Berlin, the Yes Men…etc…

Thanks for your help and for forwarding this mail to other groups. If you have some other contacts, I would appreciate if you could send me their info…

Best regards,
Chloe Cavagna