Sunday, November 23, 2008

Now Showing | Aakash Nihalani

Interview from the Times with street artist Aakash Nihalani whose work you may have seen in Downtown Manhattan or Brooklyn. Nihalani works with brightly colored tape and creates 3-Dimensional pieces. There is also a video excerpt on the Times' website.

There’s a renegade romance to street art — sprinting from cops, working in the shadows, using an alias, all in the name of art. But Aakash Nihalani, who creates trompe l’oeil 3-D boxes using tape on sidewalks and public surfaces, isn’t so cloak and dagger about things. He takes his time creating installations in broad daylight, makes videos of the process and even uses his real name. (Maybe his nonchalance relates to the fact that his artwork is easily peeled off, unlike spray paint.) His work is currently on view throughout the city and, for the next two Saturdays, at the 17 Frost gallery space in Williamsburg. For those interested in further demystification of his street art, this Saturday Nihalani will be presenting a slide show and answering questions at the gallery.

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