Thursday, October 23, 2008

Censored Soldier Billboard Project to Get New Showing

From ArtInfo

Artist Suzanne Opton’s "Soldier Billboard Project," which was banned in the lead-up to the Republican convention in the Twin Cities, is now going up in several U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and St. Paul, Artnet reports.

The billboards feature selections from the more than 90 photographs Opton has taken of soldiers returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In August, CBS Outdoor, the company that owns the billboards originally slated for the project and is part of the media conglomerate CBS Corporation, canceled its participation over fears that passersby would think the depicted soldiers, which are shown laying down, were dead. The images will now be hosted in billboards owned by Clear Channel.

The project will remain on view through the November presidential elections.

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